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Where did the week go?

I've struggled with being creative this week. Can't settle on anything. Too much clutter, mentally and physically. I've done stuff but not got too far with anything. I've added some highlights to some works in progress but not finished anything yet. Not enough to share on my Instagram page anyway. I've made some stencils and stamps using hot glue and polymer clay but I haven't tried them out yet. I've tidied up quite a lot. Trying to make room in my box room and shed which have become too cluttered to use, just like my brain! I've taken the kitchen over and that's becoming too much as well. So today has involved moving things around and chucking the odd thing away. It's a slow process involving going through old coursework, seeing what might still be useful, cutting some of it into pieces paper down and going through some old course paperwork to see what can go and what I can use, for research and for making. I cut some of my old coursework up to stick onto an ongoing collage project. I've also had a delivery of a few pieces of lino but can't decide on any designs yet but hopefully as I've clearing through all this STUFF something will occur to me. I need to congratulate myself on what I have achieved even if it's not any finished work and at least getting this entry done as well and sticking to my goal of an entry a day.

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