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It's All Academic

The last three years have pretty much been consumed with doing a degree in Fine Art at UCA in Canterbury. All three years have been impacted by covid to some degree or other and has stilted some of the experimentation I would have done otherwise, but I didn't let it stop me from making the best of it and I worked bloody hard! The academic side has been difficult but I still managed to achieve a first for my dissertation and a high first over all. During my time at university it has become apparent to me that I'm likely ADHD amongst other things. That makes a lot of sense to me when I contemplate the art that I produce and as I've decided to continue my studies and carry on with an MA in Fine Art I think that it will likely be my focus in some way. I was worried about funding this but I've just been informed that I got the Nick Jack Scholarship so that will go towards covering some of my fees, just need to sell some paintings to cover everything else! Not bad for a late starter.

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