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POWer and JOY of reasoning in decision making

Updated: Jun 11

colourful textile banners spelling out the word joy

Back in 2023 I managed to get a commission together with my friend Emily Tull to create an artwork for the JOY Festival run by POW Thanet. That's the Power of Women if you don't know already. Why am I posting this now? Well this is a bit rambly but context is everything here, when you know what my art practici is. I'm just coming to the end (or is it?) or 6 years of study at the University for the Creative Arts in Canterbury where I did and Access course in Fashion and Textiles for a year, then a BA in Fine Art for 3 years (I got a high first) and then 2 years partime on an MA (partially funded by a scholarship I was awarded). During this time it exposed or rather dismantled the organised structure I had erected through my working life to cope with undiagnosed ADHD. As an artist I known for being a prolific maker. In actual fact it is a form of productive procrastination, I know, I know that sounds like an oxymoron but I will expand on it with a varbal/written explanationat some point, maybe. It's not that I avoid things but some decisions are very difficult to make when there is executive disfunction. So, to get the point, I spend way too much time trying to decide what to post or on how to arrange it, that I just go and make something instead, but you probably won't see it because... well you get the picture (or not)

So now I am applying for a commission. Imposter syndrome telling me that no, you shouldn't because it's coinciding with the final leg of my MA and my ADHD pushing the impulse to say yes to having a go. What's important? Well both and I CAN do both and I DO want to be a successful artist. Well I've listened to multiple people telling me to do it including my BA tutor Jessica Voorsanger who I now share a studio with and my F&T tutor Lucy Chick who is now a Creative Careers Coach and that tells me something I think.

So now I need to have some images online of the POW commission and I haven't done it yet (I'm going to be very busy and focus on this when I am done with the MA, although I need to do it fot that anyway and I digress, again).

Also, apologies for the overuse of So!

NB not me in the photo

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