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I used to think that my creativity was mostly an escape, but I know now that it is essentially a core impulse that drives me and may be intrinsically linked to my nervous energy, anxiety and attention span. I realise that these are elements that generate my creativity that I need to accept but I have an ever-present feeling of time running out and not being able to do everything I want. 


I may have a notional starting point but from then on, it’s fairly spontaneous and open to embracing what might be considered a failure or mistake by some. I would describe my work in terms of abstract expressionism, neo expressionism and art brut. I’m a visual artist, with a bias towards the aesthetic (although that is very subjective) as opposed to some clever meaning but in my struggle with this I have found that it’s like non verbal leakage in someone’s body language, you can try and hide it but it’s always there. My work is full of light and dark. It is often in a state of regenerative flux that is messy and spontaneous and then redefined with line and shape.


This term I have mostly worked with various types of printing, action painting, collage, and asemic art and combining all aspects. I have also produced digital work and some 3D. Trying to contemplate confining myself to one are or another is very difficult, but I do believe that in the whole there is a commonality in my work that links most of it.


I think there is often an unintentional dichotomy in my creative process and output which may come from my cynicism and my enquiring mind, resulting in conflicting themes. It’s a process of trying to find order in chaos and back and forth. It’s like a never-ending battle.