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Self Doubting Slacker

Oh crap! 6 days since my last post. I was supposed to be doing one a day. I've not had a great week as anxiety and self doubt has been taking over a little. Mostly self imposed from too many ideas and not feeling able to start, let alone finish any of them. One thing I have been wanting to do was get some lino cutting done but for some reason I have been fixated on feeling like I should be drawing 'proper' things rather than in line with my more natural fit of textures and shapes to work with my abstracts which I have dismissed. Funnily enough though, last week I did do a abstract flower shape with I really enjoyed so I it seems stupid that I got stumped by it this week. Anyway these are from last week. Messy and imperfect but that's what I actually like about them. I particularly like the use of #palimpsest, #layering over an old Arabic newspaper and vintage sheet music.

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