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Portrait of My Failures

I knew this would happen. My good intentions flew out the window. Too much stuff going round in my head that it makes getting any of it done more difficult. I've made some books from some of my off cuts and they are ready to go on etsy or folksy or somewhere but I wanted to have some nice business cards and packaging inserts and how I'm going to package and procrastination has taken over.

I had this idea that I was going to make individual ones but that would be using my collage supplies up and I need them! Then I decided to use one of my images and print them up. The cheap software that I have can do a half decent job but lining up two sides so they print right is too problematic, including my mucky paws ruining them because I'm impatient. A day spent doing this and a pile of waste paper and card was all I had to show and I decided to just use a online business card supplier instead.

In the morning I couldn't get past all those wasted prints. So I did what I have been doing over the past few weeks (just making a lot of random collage sheets which I will post some pictures of at some point). For a change though I decided to collage them upside down. I didn't have enough though to fill the whole area I wanted to cover. So I decided to fill in the spaces with black paint and draw into it with a stick, leaving small clear lines. Because the paper was wet and I couldn't see it I scrapped some of it away to reveal more space. At this point I dis have a sneaky look and decided that I would scrape a few more to add a little balance. Then I cut a large piece of white cartridge paper to place on the back as a substrate and also to provide whiteness in the absent places. This was because I had white and black and the picture already and black on it. Blue would have worked quite nicely as well and if I had the restraint to wait I could have let it dry and painted that but I prefer to work as spontaneously as possible.

The following morning it was dry and one of my favourite things now is the peel reveal! So satisfying. I gave it this name because I the asemic text of the original image I started with had me name added to it for the business card concept.

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