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Happy Accidental Filters

This morning I've been trying to do some housekeeping. No not that sort! On my laptop. Sorting through a few photos. Or in other words herding cats whilst procrastinating about what I want to really do. Anyway, I am trimming down a few pics and this is one I tool whilst trying to document work for the Studio Practice part of my degree to upload to as part of a 'virtual sketchbook'. It's a bad shot as in not sorting out unwanted reflections but I do like imperfections and a degree of randomness in my creativity and I actually love how this looks! It's an acetate of a random bit of stone floor in the Hagia Sofia in Istanbul that I took last year that I used in a photogram workshop with the reflection of me holding a piece of paper behind the camera and my kitchen/diner wall. So not doing things 'properly' is just active experimentation (nothing to do with being disorganised).

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