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Top Marks! Poor concentration

I'm not one for blowing my own trumpet as a rule but I had some good news yesterday which I didn't include yesterday. I'm still getting to grips with trying to to this daily entry thing and write stuff down. The news is that I got the results of my last two unit assessments on the first year of my degree. I got an A for Context and Display and an A+ for Studio Practice (some of it can be seen here), so I'm pretty pleased. Still room to do better though.

Today though was a bit of a day of procrastination again. I want to do do some linocuts but I just can't fix on what to draw, I have quite a few ideas buzzing round my head for other things as well but if I think about them too long I'm overwhelmed. I have a few pictures in various states of completion that I have hanging around but struggling with getting. I got to a point this morning where one is at a point where I think I can let it go and move on before I end up to frustrated by it, It's one of my pages of messy ink blots and spills where I work into it with black and white lines to see where it goes. There's a few faces as is often the case, a couple of fish and at least one bird. I'm sure there's more stuff hiding.

I scribbled on this one as well but it's definitely not finished and I'm thinking colour will be added at some point. I don't know why it just feels like it would make it better. I was thinking about the bit that I'm struggling with at Uni and that is this need for analysing what I've done. This isn't to say that it has to mean anything. And this is where I get confused. Then I get frustrated and then I start scribbling mostly unintelligible words just to fill it up and add lines that are random. I recently learnt that this is called #asemic writing. The words pretty much go along the lines of describing what I'm writing just for the sake of it and that my pen is crap or some such and by the time I've finished it's difficult to read. It either spoils what I was doing or it adds to it. Mostly it's when I don't need to actually think about it is when it turns out better,

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