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Got to Start Somewhere

I've been creative for as long as I can remember. I make a LOT of stuff and art (depending on how you look at things). I'm just finishing up with the first year of a BA in Fine Art as a mature student (my academic life started at 50 something). I've been considering getting a blog for a while but I'm really good at procrastinating about some things, and writing about what I'm doing is one of them. I'd rather be making. However, a requirement of my course is recording my work and reflecting on it. So a blog could be a good way to do it. And I need to put myself and my work out there because I don't want to make art that just gathers dust in boxes in my house. I want to get better at that. I've felt a bit shy to do it before, worrying about why anyone else would be interested, but I've decided that even though I'd love it if people were, it doesn't matter as it'll at least be useful for my coursework and a record for me to look back on. So here I am. I've lots to catch up on and so it will be a work in progress from past, present and future. I've got a lot of images to upload so it'll take some time, especially as I'll get distracted on a regular basis but I'm going to give it a go.

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